A cinematic portrait of a Dutch man and a Turkish man who have been working together for the last 16 years as welders on the Dutch railway system. When society is resting at night these men travel all through the country to fix the broken parts of our infrastructure.

tussen tijd de film
Tussen Tijd/ In Transit
Documentary that takes place in an asylum centre in the Netherlands. In an observational but stylistic manner people will be shown who are waiting while others decide about their future. In the film we will follow a family from Irak, a young mother from Angola and a man from Jamaica, fighting to pass the time whilst not knowing where their future lives will be taking place.
Short poetic impression of nature in a big city becoming dependent on human behaviour. The film was made as part of a project commissioned by Friends of the Earth International and shown at the Climaforum 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
A Man and a Stick

A Man and a Stick
A poetic portret of a disabled man living in a small village in Zambia called Chibale. In a place where people survive by agriculture, there is no elecricity, medical care or even running water, a disabled person doesn’t have many oppertunities. However, Xavier Chibale found a stick in the woods that changed his life for the better and is now an example for the community.

The White Sangoma

The White Sangoma (bridging a cultural gap)

Documentary about an English woman that has found her calling in a traditional african belief system, meanwhile crossing social bounderies and bridging cultural gaps.

Obsfest 2008
Short documentary shot on 16 mm film at a street festival in Cape Town, South Africa. The film shows an art installation of Bryan Little as a back drop to give an impression of modern day South Africa.
Fokofpolisiekar (Internship in Cape Town South Africa)
As part of my school internship I worked for five months with Fly on the Wall Productions in Cape Town, South Africa ( During this period I was an additional editor for a feature length documentary about legendary South African rock band Fokofpolisiekar. I also helped out with a video clip, a ‘making of’ and two Nokia commercials.
Walking Barefoot
Walking Barefoot
Short documentary about and made with children living on the streets of Lusaka in Zambia. Together with my friend Vasco Severino, who runs the Fountain of Hope shelter in Lusaka, I started a project with children who used to or still live on the streets of Lusaka. They played out scenes of experiences that where common to their lifestyle and we filmed it. We gave the story a strong moral so Vasco can use it in his work to educate the children.
A king and a Queen